Introductory Flight.

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At NZAA, we boast an impressive fleet of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental. If you have never flown on a small aircraft, NZAA strongly recommend that you take an aircraft out for an introductory flight before you do anything else. We offer three pre-defined routes to choose from with our Instructors ensuring that you become acquainted with flying.

Bay of Islands.

Can you imagine flying in the Bay of Islands and been based at Kerikeri Airport. They call Northland the winterless north which means that you will be able to build up your flying hours quite easy.

Become a Pilot

Engineering and Maintenance Programmes.

Information to follow.

AV-WING School Programmes.

We have school programmes for Year 12 and Year13.

Open to young people from 15 to 17 years of age, this initiative enables youth participation in aviation, with the programme including awesome flight experiences such as:

• Introduction to NZAA aircraft & facilities

• Basic flying principles lessons

• Radio procedures

• Basic principles of aircraft navigation

• Model planes and drones

• Visit the Control Tower & facilities Kerikeri Airport/ or Ardmore Airport

• Tour of commercial operators

• Introduction flight over the city! 

Enquire now for the next school holidays

Ardmore Airport

Please call our administration department for additional training hours and hireage on our Cessnas and Twin Engine Aircrafts.

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